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Star Wars The Rise of SkyWalker (2019 JJ Abrams)

It was quite the experience getting to see this film in Las Vegas on my birthday. There was 19 of us and we took all the last row of seats plus half the row in front of us. The theatre had these awesome reclining seats with heaters. Go figure.

So how do I rate the movie. I can often judge a movie by how many times I closed my eyes and drift off. I counted two times in this film. It was a bit boring. It seemed to have a lot of chase scenes, laser fights, and oh oh…we better get going. Rinse and repeat.

I got confused as to some of the plot. In true fashion of all Star Wars movies, the force of the Jedi wins, and the bad dudes get blown out of space.

In some ways I am sad to see these movies end. I have been with them since the year we got married in 1977. But it is time to bury the story and come up with something fresh. Like a new Star Trek Movie….just kidding.

Published by John

I love going to the movies, especially if they are Oscar worthy. I am no expert, but I give all reviews my honest average joe opinion. I hope you enjoy!

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